Five Best and Worst U.S. States for Solar in 2022

Solar energy has become more significant as environmentally friendly power has filled in fame and need throughout the long term. In 2022, one recognizable inclination will be that geography will assume a somewhat little part in deciding if a state is a solar power pioneer.

The Solar Energy Industries Association distributes yearly rankings of solar industry strength in each state to assist with figuring out which states are driving and which top solar companies in US are following in the solar race.

Five Best U.S. States for Solar in 2022


California consistently ranks towards the top of lists of states that excel in the solar energy sector. This is understandable given the state's almost 300 sunny or partly sunny days per year. In 1976, California passed legislation encouraging the use of renewable energy, making it one of the first states to do so.

Solar energy generates over a quarter of California's electricity. Furthermore, the state has spent over $73 billion in solar technology, as well as providing tax incentives to local solar panel companies in California and property tax exemptions to residents on solar panel installation. In the state, there are approximately 2,000 local solar companies and over 8 million solar-powered houses, powered by these top solar companies in US.


Texas is also one of the top states for solar energy production and installation in the country. Many top solar companies of Texas have invested in solar energy sector to reduce the Green Houses Emissions.

The Lone Star State has invested over $14 billion in solar energy financing and has over 1 million solar-powered houses. Texas has added 1,525 megawatts of solar capacity so far in 2021, which is equal to 45 percent of the capacity built in all of 2020.

Although solar power accounts for slightly over 2.8 percent of Texas' total electricity, the state leads the nation in home solar panel installation.


North Carolina, a state in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think about solar power. Despite this, it is ranked third due to the sunshine and liberal exemptions.

North Carolina gets 8.05 percent of its electricity from solar power, which is higher than Texas and Florida combined, thanks to long stretches of sunny days. The Solar Property Tax Exemption policy in North Carolina provides a significant income tax credit, encouraging residents and companies to invest in solar panel installation.

Over 800,000 houses in North Carolina are powered by solar energy, with a total solar investment of over $10 billion. The initiative taken by local solar companies have played major role in this investment.


With a nickname like the Sunshine State, it's no surprise that Florida is a solar leader in the United States.

The state has invested $10.5 billion in solar energy and technology, and solar provides around 4% of the state's electricity. Solar energy is used to power over 900,000 residences in the state

Florida will add 525 megawatts of solar capacity in 2021, accounting for 19% of the capacity installed in 2020 and 7% of the state's overall capacity. In barely over a year, the state has nearly doubled its total solar capacity.


Arizona spends a lot of money on solar energy and is second only to California in terms of solar investment, at $14.3 billion. The Grand Canyon State's commitment to solar power is paying off: solar energy now accounts for about 8.5 percent of the state's total electricity.

There are around 306 local solar companies in Arizona, including 57 manufacturers, 144 installers, and 105 others. Over 7,000 solar jobs are created by these top solar companies in US.

Five Worst U.S. States for Solar in 2022


North Dakota, a Great Plains-dominated state in the Midwest, is the worst state in the United States for solar energy.

The amount of sunny days in North Dakota is half that in California. The state spends $3 million on solar initiatives, yet solar energy still provides 0% of the state's total electricity in 2021. There are only about 130 home solar panel installation in the state, and just eight local solar companies.


When it comes to solar energy, South Dakota is only slightly ahead of its northern neighbour. Mount Rushmore invests somewhat more in solar, over $4 million, and has just under double the amount of solar-powered residences, around 210.

As of 2021, the state has 10 local solar companies and relies on solar energy for 0.02 percent of its electricity.


West Virginia has been a long-time leader in coal mining and production, but it has been sluggish to embrace solar technology.

Coal employs about 14,000 people in the Mountain State, compared to around 300 persons employed in the solar industry. West Virginia has approximately 1,300 solar-powered residences, 17 local solar companies, and solar power accounts for only 0.03 percent of the state's electricity. The entire solar investment in West Virginia is estimated to be around $49 million.


Despite a $37 million solar investment, Alaska is also among the worst states for solar energy.

Due to the state's near-complete darkness for half of the year, solar power in Alaska is challenging. There are about 1,600 home solar panel installations in the state, despite the fact that only 11 local solar companies having total 59 employees. Total solar power provides 0.19 percent of Alaska's electricity.


With only 0.15 percent of the state's electricity produced from solar energy, Kentucky rounds out the top five worst U.S. states for solar. The Bluegrass State has a solar investment of $137 million and more than 6,000 residences powered by this renewable energy source.

Other major firms, such as GM, have built solar farms in the Bowling Green area of Kentucky, although some residents are opposed to industrial solar farms taking over land that was previously used for farming and cow grazing. There are 40 local solar companies in the state, with over 1,200 solar jobs.

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